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The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

Audit / Brand Strategy / Communications Design / Capacity-Building

The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation uniquely supports early- and mid-career luminary researchers studying violence and its amelioration. HFG came to us to get a better grasp of their brand and digital communications, and understand where they were succeeding and where they were falling short. We agreed to conduct a complete audit, provide actionable insights, and help them strategize implementation.

With such an elegant brand identity, brilliant and gracious staff, and erudite target audiences, we jumped at the chance to help HFG increase its already significant impact.

Approach We ran a straightforward, rigorous process to produce a robust findings, analysis, recommendations, and implementation strategy report that fit HFG's budget and timeline, and, as is our wont, somewhat dramatically overdelivered.

Our signal-gathering methodologies included deep stakeholder workshops and interviews to understand HFG's organizational, brand, content, and audience strategies; a multiplatform, targeted audience survey; website and social media analytics; and our in-house expertise in brand strategy and design, digital and print design, and communications.

The findings mixed and melded into analyses, recommendations, and implementation strategies. First in our minds, then on paper, and finally as a comprehensive 42-page report, summary presentation, and in-depth discussions with HFG stakeholders.

We must admit, humbly, that we parlayed certain tensions into a dynamic, actionable reframe of some overall brand values.

HFG has fabulously bought into our work, and has begun adopting much our our analysis and implementing many of our recommendations.

We vehemently oppose the consultant's imperative to leave their clients wanting, but HFG has engaged us to continue our partnership as strategists and designers. It is a wonderful relationship and exactly the type of work DfP is built for.

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