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Multifaceted experts.Inspired and pragmatic. Game.
Design for Progress is a woman-owned, brown- and Black-led, strategy and creative agency dedicated to nonprofit, philanthropic, and mission-driven efficacy.

We bring a broad suite of skills, methodologies, and domain expertise to tune and amplify work for systems change and innovation. Our passion, our curiousity, and our nerdiness is matched with rigorous process and impeccable aesthetics.


Paragini Amin

Founder /
Creative Director
Hudson Valley, NY
Paragini Amin is a brand and product strategist, and designer, with over 15 years of experience in criminal legal systems reform and other race/gender/class justice issues. She leads teams in making transformational ideas intellectually, emotionally, and aesthetically impactful.

Chris Edley III

Co-Founder / 
Director of Strategy
Hudson Valley, NY
Chris Edley III is an organizational, brand, and program strategist. He has worked in politics, film, visual arts, music, writing, community organizing, and in many combinations of the above for many causes for his entire life. He’s a glass-half-empty optimist.

Ansley Pentz

Operations /
Portland, OR
Ansley Pentz untangles complex systems, builds sound processes, and delivers clarity. She brings a people-oriented mindset to DfP, along with experience in advertising and New York City political campaigns. Originally from a small town in Florida, Ansley now lives in Portland, where you'll find her baking with abandon.

Rolando Sepulveda II
Los Angeles, CA
Rolando Sepulveda II is a designer and photographic artist from South Texas. He brings a number of in-house working and volunteer years across different types of nonprofits, including architecture, public/higher education, LGBTQ+ advocacy, film, and visual/performing arts. 

Our philosophy 

We study our partners’ work, then figure out who we need to reach, what we need them to do, and how we can motivate them to do it.
We get radically excited about things normal consultants find boring. Say, implementation. Or measurement and evaluation.

We make things big and beautiful. But sometimes we make things small and plain. Change takes all shapes and sizes. It moves with many gaits. 

We believe that strategy makes good decisions easy. And that information and feedback makes good strategy.

We offer diverse, scalable services to make some pretty complex and important things happen.

Yes, we’re a business, but we truly give a damn. So we work with partners to break ceilings, not banks.
We benefit from the success of our partners because we are humans.