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Systemic change takes bold initiatives and quiet interventions.
We have had the great honor and privilege of partnering with extroardinary organizations. Each partnership is unique in scope and ambition, and taken as a whole, the case studies below provide insight into what we can accomplish across the range of our services.  


Vital City
A robust brand, standup, fractional art department, and more for the brilliant new platform for evidenced urban policy.

New York City
Criminal Justice Agency

More than just a web page centering the people’s voices at the heart of New York City’s justice community.

Harry Frank
Guggenheim Foundation

A deep brand and digital communications audit of this erudite institution, with clear insights and opportunities to seize.

Berkeley Law 
Policy Advocacy Clinic

Discovering how a unique pedagogical program worked itself out of the job, and exploring what to accomplish next.

Catalyze Justice
A confident brand identity and website for seasoned leaders to launch their new youth justice venture.

Numerous Partners
A plethora of projects over nearly two decades, making information and organizations more meaningful.

Impact Justice
An interactive, immersive approach to sharing stories and research on the correlation of men’s trauma and violence.