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Brand Strategy / Brand Design / Digital Design / Communications Strategy

Excellent design is not a facade. Our projects make important information usable and convey the deeper meaning of our partners' work. 

While websites, apps, interactives, and social media are crucial tools, most of our partners are not speaking so much to the general public, but to policy experts, decision makers, researchers, journalists, practitioners, and funders. The downloadable, printable, easily shareable and mark-up-able PDF format is a noble workhorse.

Here we share a broad selection of DfP's communications design work — from data and infographic expertise to rich annual reports, from thick research and policy reports to elegant yet economical template suites — over nearly two decades, proudly elevating the insights and impact of numerous domain-leading partners.


A discipline in itself. We bring nearly two decades of experience to elegantly distill and convey complicated information.


When it's that time of the year, we showcase the core values our partners have brought to life and inspire audiences for what's to come.

Vera 2021-2022 Annual Report

Immigrant Justice Corps 2020-2021 Annual Report


These cornerstones of our partners' work should be as brilliant as the change they inspire. 


We create graceful, usable template suites so that our partners can project their information and their brands as economically as possible.

If/When/How suite


“Design for Progress has been instrumental to the way in which CUNY ISLG has successfully translated and shared the results from across several of our research initiatives. Not only do they create clear, concise, and professional publications, but they also have great insights into the substantive context of our work and understand the data and how best to use it effectively to convey easily digestible messages to our audiences. This is no simple feat, given the complexity of the work we do on multiple levels. DfP’s partnership has made the impact of our work that much stronger.”

Jennifer Ferone, Deputy Research Director, CUNY Institute for State & Local Governance

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